MyIsrael raises funds and awareness for a rigorously vetted group of “under-the-radar” charities across Israel that are all doing amazing work with vulnerable communities.

These organisations are run by teams of dedicated people on a mission to do good and help people in desperate situations, turn their lives around. The causes vary from helping elderly people, Ethiopian-Israeli families, cancer patients, youth-at-risk, disabled adults and children, homeless people and more. The people receiving help from MyIsrael’s charities are almost always experiencing huge financial hardship and often struggling to put food on the table. MyIsrael was quick to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, offering support and advice to their partner charities to help them continue to successfully support their vulnerable communities during confinement.


The SRF has donated funds which have been disbursed to seven organisations (Bet Shean Food Bank, Crossroads, Family Nest, Forgotten People Fund, The Garage, Kickstart and Hama) to provide monthly food packages and vouchers for 3 months to 435 families (5-6 people) and 97 individuals across various groups of vulnerable people. In addition, funding has been provided to one organisation, CLICK, working to improve the quality of life of retirees via the development of social, cultural and vocational initiatives to provide 4,000 activity kits to keep their beneficiaries stimulated during confinement as well as additional support to ensure remote access to all activities for all members.

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