Madrid Town Hall

Madrid Town Hall


The Scheinberg Relief Fund has been in regular contact with the Madrid Town Hall since the onset of the pandemic, collaborating on a range of projects to provide support to the most vulnerable throughout the city.


Between April and October 2020, through the initiative ‘Queremos #serutiles’ and later through the social enterprise Un Inicio, the SRF provided more than 185,000 hot meals to initiatives addressing food insecurity in 9 districts selected by the Town Hall. In November 2020, the decision was made to adjust the support being provided to twice monthly food boxes to 3 of the most vulnerable districts of Madrid. Over 3,600 people are receiving this food support each month.  As the pandemic continued it became evident that for many vulnerable communities, purchasing face masks was unrealistic. These same communities are some of the most affected by the pandemic. After consulting with the Town Hall and district offices the SRF donated 300,000 surgical masks to the social services department in 3 districts (Puente de Vallecas, Tetuán and Usera) to distribute directly to its clients, as well as including surgical face masks in all food packages delivered by Un Inicio.

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