Hogar Sí

Hogar Sí


Hogar Sí’s mission is to eradicate homelessness. Their work is motivated by the belief that all members of Spanish society have a right to housing and to healthcare. The underlying objective of Hogar Sí’s work is to facilitate innovative and easily replicable solutions to homelessness. Their programmes offer a comprehensive and collective response to homelessness. These solutions are designed to be adopted by government, thus ensuring that homeless people have access to their basic rights.

Since January 2019, Mohari has been funding 6 places in Hogar Sí’s ‘Housing Led’ programme, specifically for individuals who are well enough to transition from Hogar Sí’s ‘Right to Health’ programme. The ‘Housing Led’ programme consists of providing a homeless person with a permanent and unconditional home of their own as a first step to getting their life back on track. Hogar Sí’s ‘Right to Health’ programme comprises of a hospice and convalescence residence accommodating 40 homeless individuals and a second residence for 20 individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues. The homeless are an extremely vulnerable to COVID-19.


During the first months of the Covid-19 pandemic, support from the Scheinberg Relief Fund enabled Hogar Sí to employ additional healthcare and cleaning staff at their two residential healthcare centres in Madrid, purchase essential PPE and 500 rapid anti-body COVID-19 tests to protect the health of both staff and beneficiaries.

Hogar Sí is convinced that without the support from the SRF they would have found it impossible to adequately protect their residents and are certain that they would not have been able to prevent the spread of the virus within their centres. Thanks to the additional staff and resources, they only had one confirmed case of COVID-19 amongst all their residents and healthcare workers during the first wave of the pandemic.

The SRF also provided food support through monthly food vouchers for 6 months for 59 beneficiaries of Hogar Si’s Housing First and Housing Led programmes who lost their jobs and income because of the pandemic.

The pandemic has caused a backlog across public services which has resulted in a growing list of homeless individuals waiting to enter Hogar Sí’s Health Space centres. The SRF provided funding for 4 elderly beneficiaries of Hogar Sí’s Health Space programme to move to a residential care home while they wait for their publicly funded residential place to be allocated, freeing up 4 spaces in two of Hogar Sí’s centres for new beneficiaries to enter and receive the care and attention they need.

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