Fundación Tomillo

Fundación Tomillo


Fundación Tomillo works with vulnerable children, youth and families, to provide them with the necessary tools to allow them to take responsibility for their lives and facilitate their social integration. At Tomillo they are convinced that educational equity is one of the fundamental levers for the reduction of poverty and social inequality. The Tomillo Emergency Fund was set up during the Economic crisis which started in 2008. They realised that many beneficiaries of their education, training and employment programmes were having an increasingly difficult time continuing with their programmes because they couldn’t afford school supplies, books, public transport passes, etc. The focus of the Emergency Fund has shifted during the State of Emergency in Spain to focusing on ensuring children and young adults have the means available to continue their studies and/or training and providing financial support to families to ensure they are able to buy basic food and hygiene products. Tomillo provided students with laptops and internet access and from May to July 2020 also provided monthly food vouchers of €100 to families in extreme need.


Support from the Scheinberg Relief Fund enabled Fundacion Tomillo to provide 3 months of monthly supermarket vouchers to over 450 families severely affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 and to provide 1800+ lunch boxes to vulnerable students participating in Fundacion Tomillo’s summer school programme during July 2020. Funds were also provided to purchase essential protective equipment and supplies to ensure their programmes could restart in a safe and secure way:  100,000 Type I surgical masks for children and youth attending their programmes, 20,000 >95% reusable masks filters for 600 reusable cloth masks for staff, 1,000 litres of sanitiser gel and 100 wall mounted sanitiser gel dispensers.  

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