Department of Health and Social Care, Isle of Man Government

Department of Health and Social Care, Isle of Man Government


The DHSC is the government department responsible for providing a comprehensive range of vital services for the Isle of Man’s 85,000 inhabitants, contributing to the island’s unique quality of life. The services they provide include general practitioner and dental services; hospital healthcare; mental health services; social services for adults, children and families; and specialist off-island care. The Isle of Man has operated a health service since 1948, with most of the healthcare available free when people need it.


The Scheinberg Relief Fund has made two donations to the DHSC to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the Isle of Man. The Fund covered the cost of equipment for the Isle of Man’s on-island COVID-19 testing facility, greatly reducing the waiting times for results and removing the island’s reliance on the UK. Looking forward to the winter months, the technology (rapid PCR testing) will assist the island’s hospital (Noble’s Hospital) in quickly differentiating patients with the usual respiratory conditions from possible COVID-19 cases. Financial support has also been provided towards the island’s expenditure on personal protective equipment (PPE) for the dedicated health and social care staff who have worked so hard to care for patients and save lives during the pandemic.

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