Creciendo Juntos

Creciendo Juntos


Creciendo Juntos works with 19 communities in the Guanacaste region to increase access to health, education and vocational training, empowering residents of the region to achieve a sustainable future and a better quality of life. COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill with unforeseen and unimaginable consequences in Guanacaste. The real economic and social cost of shutting down the tourism sector will be enormous, especially with so many families already living close to the edge and with no safety net below them. Faced with ongoing disruption in the tourism sector and a massive loss of jobs, incomes, and livelihoods, Creciendo Juntos is leading numerous efforts to provide life-saving food to at-risk families in nearby communities, protect the elderly and ensure schools have the necessary measures in place to re-open.


The Scheinberg Relief Fund is collaborating with Creciendo Juntos on a number of its initiatives. To inspire the wider community to get involved and enable Creciendo Juntos to reach more communities and more families with vital food support, the Scheinberg Relief Fund has provided 1:1 match funding. The initiative originally set out to deliver monthly food packages to 750 families for 3 months. To date 1,100 extremely vulnerable families have received their monthly packages across the 10 districts of Guardia, Comunidad, Altos del Roble, Monte Galán, La Cascada, Bahía, El Triunfo, Las Palmas, Paso Tempisque and Palmira. As the situation continued to worsen, this initiative was extended and additional funds were provided to secure monthly food support until the end of the 2020.

Other projects that have received support from the Fund include a sustainable home food production initiative, providing essential personal protective equipment (PPE) to 13 elderly residential care homes, and equipping 21 schools with the additional equipment and supplies they require to be granted permission by the government to re-open in September 2020.

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