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WHAT THEY DO was founded in 2007 by Maria and Macu when they realised that in the world of animal abandonment and mistreatment in Spain there was a group of animals that could not and were not being catered for in normal shelters; animals with special needs, and as a result, these animals were being euthanised. principal mission is to give animals with special needs a happy life, to make society aware that it is possible to adopt a disabled dog or cat and to stop these animals being putting down as the solution. is a unique organisation which is currently caring for more than 150 dogs and cats, 40 of which are paraplegic and the rest with other disabilities and special needs, until they are adopted by families with whom they will live a happy life. 

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the financial stability of They have experienced a significant drop in income (memberships and donations) while their fixed costs have risen due to the increase in number of animals under their care. The result is that they have been struggling to cover core expenses including food, essential medical treatments and veterinary bills. 


The contribution from the Scheinberg Relief Fund enabled to pay off the debts it accumulated during the State of Emergency and the remainder of 2020, and brought them piece of mind that they had the funds they needed to cover their core expenses (food, veterinary care and medical treatments). Support from the Scheinberg Relief Fund also enabled to commission an agency to update their website and create an engaging fundraising campaign on social media to increase the organisation’s visibility and attract new donors.  Maria and Macu can now concentrate on ensuring the continuity of their important and unique work. 


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